Configure your MINICV online

  1. select required parameters from the table below
  2. uncheck the include box if you want specific parameter unchanged
  3. click the button at the bottom
  4. download Standard MIDI File from the link that will apear afterwadrs
  5. play the MIDI file to your MINICV
You can play the file with any sequencer, or default player application in your computer.
Set all parameters at once, or modify just one of them - choose proper checkboxes to define which parameters must be included in your config file.
All unchecked parameters will stay unaltered.
include in config file
event type

MIDI channel

starting note or CC number

enter CC or note number in range 0-127
include in config file
Note to voltage ratio
this is determined also by 4V/5V range below, so it's better to select both in one config file
Only coarse tuning possible this way, in steps of about 15mV per octave. Fine tune the MINICV using onboard trimmer.
include in config file
CV range
4V span, 4 octaves
5V span, 5 oct., poor precision
include in config file
Gate polarity
on: 5V, off: 0V
on: 0V, off: 5V
include in config file
Reversed pitch voltage
CV increases while notes rise
CV drops while notes rise
include in config file
Gate 1 retrigger
Gate is on as long as any note is on
Gate goes off for 1ms between notes in legato group